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Foreign Travelers

Ever wondered what shooting a real firearm feels like? 

Are your favorite action stars really that good?

Are you ready to find out for yourself ?  

In association with the ShotPlay system, we are working to facilitate that opportunity by educating foreign travelers of things to know in order to shoot a firearm while in the U.S.  At the same time we're in the process of developing a web-application that will identify gun range facilities in the U.S. to foreign travelers, including discount packages. (please find Federal Law requirements further below)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is prior training required to shoot a firearm?  Absolutely not!  Most all U.S. gun ranges have trainers on site and are very eager to assist you and your party with shooting safely and learning firearm basics, including advanced training if interested.

  • Would I require my own firearm to shoot?  No!  Most all ranges have standard firearms that can be easily rented while at their range.

  • What about ammo and other shooting accessories?  Ranges will typically provide everything you and your party require for a fun shooting experience.  This includes targets, eye and ear protection, and ammo.

  • Identification required?  Your passport will be required or equivalent identification (see Federal Law requirements below).

  • Will full automatic firearms be available to shoot?  It depends on the range.  Some ranges do have restricted class firearms available to shoot under their supervision.  A phone call or email to a range can quickly answer that question.

  • Will a reservation be required?  Typically, no.  Most ranges will take you and your party on a walk-in basis.  Although, if you and your party prefer intro training, it would be best to schedule ahead, which they will be happy to accommodate.

  • Can children shoot?  Each range will be different.  Yet in most cases with one-on-one supervision required, kids starting from 8-10 years old will be able to shoot lower caliber firearms, and higher caliber with increased age.

  • Can pictures be taken?  You bet!  Just inform the range safety officer in the bay of your intentions and they can assist.

  • What clothing should be worn?  Due to hot brass being ejected from the firearm, its highly recommended to wear closed-toe shoes, long sleeve shirts, long pants, and no low-cut tops or high heels.

To assist us with our U.S. gun range search web-application, please help us with a few questions that will assist in developing gun range packages to suit our foreign travelers.  No identifiable data is required, and all data is for statistical purposes only to create desired shooting packages:

  • Would you have a greater interest in shooting a handgun, rifle, or shotgun?

  • Would you have a greater interest in shooting a typical 9mm firearm, or a higher caliber firearm?

  • Would you have a greater interest in shooting a typical semi-automatic firearm, full automatic, or military class?

  • Do you anticipate  shooting on your own or with a group?

  • If you anticipate shooting with a group, how many would you expect your group to be...2, 3, 4-or more?

  • When you travel to the U.S., how likely are you to search out a gun range to shoot...not likely, somewhat likely, very likely, absolutely going to shoot?

  •  Will you require basic firearm training when going to a gun range to shoot?

  • When coming to the you anticipate traveling very soon, within the next year, who knows?



The Right To Bear Arms is an engrained part of American culture, and is a right afforded every United States citizen under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  This right allows for the private ownership of firearms (no permit required), and the right to use such firearms to protect ones family, home, property, and self.  But this right also allows for the open use of such firearms for recreational shooting. 

In compliance with US Federal Law, International tourists visiting the US under the Visa Waiver Program may legally purchase ammunition, rent firearms and/or shoot at a U.S gun range.  Permitted tourists must be from one of the following countries:

In addition to being from one of these countries, you must also provide proof that you are here under the Visa Waiver Program and have a valid passport.

*Visitors not participating in the Visa Waiver Program may still visit most ranges provide they have a valid Non-Immigrant Visa and a valid hunting permit (which they may be able to get at the range).

  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary

  • Iceland

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Korea

  • Latvia

  • Liechtenstein 

  • Lithuania

  • Luxembourg 

  • Malta 

  • Monaco 

  • Netherlands 

  • New Zealand 

  • Norway 

  • Portugal 

  • San Marino 

  • Singapore 

  • Slovakia 

  • Slovenia 

  • Spain 

  • Sweden 

  • Switzerland 

  • Taiwan 

  • United Kingdom 

  • Canada* 

  • Mexico*

  • ​Andorra

  • Australia

  • ​Austria

  • Belgium

  • Chile

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • France

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