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Indoor Range Benefits:

  • Interactive Shot Tracking System for Shooters  

  • Appeals to Traditional & Non-Traditional Shooters

  • Live Shot Gaming & Scoring for Shooters

  • Shooter social media uploads Publicize Range 

  • New Revenue Source for Ranges

  • Increases Range Demand & Consumer Traffic

  • System ability to Harvests Emails

  • Shooter Leaderboard available for Range use


What is Image Processing (IP)?  Image Processing (in our case digital IP) is a method of importing images to extract some useful information from it using computer algorithms, and taking that data to perform a particular task.  ShotPlay uses specialized cameras and proprietary IP software to determine when and where shots are made on the target.  This information is combined with our gaming software to now elevate the shooting experience within the shooting sports for all participation levels.

Are any modifications required by the range for a shooting bay?  Typically, no.  ShotPlay's live fire shot tracking system has been designed around existing range and shooter protocol.  Although, as each shooting range is different, there may be minor modifications to accommodate mounting extra lighting, the system's cameras, and Android tablets.  Also, the optimal target distance is currently 10 - 14 yards.  Yet automatic zoom camera options for varied distances are expected to be available in the future.

Is there any special equipment required by the range?  Typically, no.  Although, a reasonable wi-fi connection will be required for the gaming system to operate.  Preferably in the realm of 100Mbps upload and download time.  

Can any paper target be used?  Currently two standard industry targets have been calibrated, where more are in the works.  Although most any target can be utilized, it will need to be programmed within the gaming system.

Is the system easy for staff to use?  Extremely!  The ShotPlay gaming system was designed with simplicity in mind for not only range staff, but for players as well.

Is the system required to be installed on existing range computer systems?  No.  The ShotPlay system comes with its own separate computer server and monitor that are placed within the range check-in.  This allows staff to easily enable or disable selected lanes for play.  This also allows us to update system software and trouble-shoot any issues that may arise remotely, without compromising the range's in-house computer security measures.

What is the cost for the Shot Play shot tracking system?  This will vary depending upon the number of shooting lanes.  There are 3 primary cost items:  The system hardware, installation and system software, and generally a monthly per lane licensing fee.  Hardware generally includes 1 computer server, cameras and tablets for each lane, and ancillary switches, cables, and routers.  The existing range systems in place will also effect cost (carriers, lighting, wi-fi, etc.).  Therefore cost will vary contingent upon many factors.  Although, VSR Gaming offers payment plans or a shared revenue option.  Overall, it is understood each shooting range is unique, and therefore pricing can be modified on a range by range basis.

What is that standard charge made to consumers?  It would be up to an individual range to determine added cost to their existing lane charges.  Yet, with an anticipated increase in consumer demand to participate in Live Fire shot tracking & gaming (traditional and non-traditional shooters), thereby beefing consumer traffic to the facility, a $5.00 - $10.00 addition would be considered reasonable.  Although final cost, if any, would be up to each range, and can be estimated during the free range usage period. 

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